5 ways to have a perfect work-life balance and be a super woman at work

medhaj news 30 Mar 18 , 06:01:38 Ajab Gajab

Have you ever realized that a balance is neither about more or less, nor about first or last, but simply about equality, and a serene proportion that we wish to create in our life. Can this equality ever be achieved in your work and life?Well, if you achieve or even attempt to achieve this coveted balance, it makes you nothing less than a superwoman in my books.

Here are some super truths that I feel go a long way when trying to precariously balance work and life like a superwoman:

1. Me-time is precious

Take that crucial me-time every once in a way, whether it is to watch the recorded show on TV or a night out with friends, even just curling up with a great book or by booking that pampering spa. You see, this indulgence not only feeds your soul, but the mere anticipation of this me-time activity also makes a bad day more tolerable!

Imagine a crazy non-stop day where you feel like you are in a middle of a work tornado, and your life at that moment feels dusty and blur this is when you remind yourself to look forward to that me-time indulgence that you have planned and trust me, you will find that strength to get through the moment!

2. Take out time for love

Love truly is elixir of life -- may it be for your parents, your partner, your child, your pet or even your own self! Take that much needed hug from your child (children, after all, have the most beautiful healing auras), or give your proud mom/dad a quick call for a dose of uplifting praise, or take a quick glance in the mirror for some self love; all this goes a long way in reminding you and re-establishing your self-worth!

'Love of the self' (within reason of course) goes a long way when precariously helping oneself workout that work-life balance.

3. Never neglect your health

Hmm you didn't think you could ignore this one, did you? Health and your investment into it are like one of those miraculous age-old truths that we all grew up with. Being healthy is about what you eat, how much you sleep, your workout, your support system, and mental mindset.

This wellness formula I promise you is the true 'Eureka' that will help you achieve that perfect healthy work-life balance. And ultimately don't forget, that while there is no getting out of this one, the person who benefits the most from this is YOU!

4. Talk to 'you' and flow with the 'now'

It's always a great idea to take a moment and talk to 'you', and remind yourself to stay positive, and go willingly with the flow. Staying positive changes the energy around you and always yields the best and requires constant talking to yourself! Basically, be your own best friend and be there for yourself in the NOW.

5. Prioritize without regrets

Always remember that your priorities do not have to match those of the others, so go after yours and yours alone without any regrets or shame! To thine own self be true and follow only your personal journeys and priorities in life.

When you say you have achieved a balance, so be it. Do not always look for endorsements from others be your own judge and jury and that is when you will be justly living life on your terms and creating your own distinctive balance!


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