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How is the world going to change sooner rather than later, say, the following five years? This inquiry has a few answers, each bearing a different view depending on the area of interest. As far as communication is concerned, a few elements are extremely probable.


How will the communication of the future be?

All the promotion in innovation nowadays is around Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence/ profound learning, self-driving cars, Blockchain, Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality etc. However, there is one region of innovation that has been quietly advancing and gaining momentum recently i.e. communications. Its rise over time has been fueled by things like smartphones, social apps, productivity/collaboration apps, gaming and, many more. Even the leading IT companies have caught up to this and are leading some keys endeavors in the field of communications.

In my opinion, in the following period we are going to witness at least six major changes concerning human interaction:




1) Smart Electronic Devices

The mobile phone and the tablet stand apart due to their reliability, high operability, increased data storage capacity, various and complex functions, as well as the ability to run a high number of applications.

2) Halt to traditional forms of communication

Traditional forms of communications such as landline telephones will see its role diminished, almost coming to a halt, such as pages and faxing machines. There will be increasingly less usage for personal computers and laptops, even though the later were still fashionable in 2013 everywhere in the world.


3) Smart computing

Most people, some with poor training in using computers and other electronic tools, will benefit from services and applications without needing to know how they are built. A trivial example is the online newsroom concept, where there is no need for a physical work space anymore. The notion can be generalized, tracing information from source to receiver, by typing, selecting and editing, in other fields as well, such as world schooling, human relations and information sector.


4) Easy to handle

Technology becomes easy to handle in a view for people of all background can make high level use of communicational products and reduce the differences between professionals and amateurs.


5) Information Exchange

Electronic trade such as banking, share markets will become dominant, and financial systems will emphasize more on information sector than before. Use of physical money is expected to reduce by the concepts of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. The educational system will also benefit by being more interactive and more stimulating.


6) Diverse applications

The tablet and the mobile telephone will be used both for communication as well as for content creation. In this case, they will be used to edit, store, process information, create communication products, modify and archive them. The new applications will prove useful in surveillance and control processes, activity monitoring, elements that are essential in intelligence. The area is wide because there are already programs being developed that will boost the level of media and technological integration. Health and education are top fields. Thus, the cell telephone and the tablet will be taking x rays, also supplying the first clues on possible illnesses.  

We will have more experiences than any of our predecessors, it’s just that we’ll have them through others. 

Experiences are complete when we share them with our communities, and this leads to us reducing our communication with the people around us.

1) Interpersonal communications will disappear

We’re more connected than ever between friends and family, and we have an ever-increasing number of tools with which to bridge distances using digital communication. This is a generation that will have access to a whole lot more personal information on their contacts that we ever had. And so the way in which they interact will also be different.

2) We’ll know a lot about you before even talking to you

Have you ever thought that when your son grows up he’ll be able to access a platform with information on everything you have done throughout your life? Simply by accessing your personal profile on Facebook or Instagram, for example, he’ll have a good idea as to your likes, where you’ve travelled, what music you listened to, etc.

3) We’ll speak different languages, but we will understand each other

Will it be possible to be on an international call and simultaneously understand all the participants, even if they all speak their own native language? Or to translate a poster by simply taking a photograph?

Google has for years been working on a simultaneous translation project, a sort of Tower of Babel 2.0. The applications for this are enormous, both on a professional and a personal level.

We’re bringing down the language barriers, participating more in the cultures and traditions of other regions. But how will this affect those very traditions? Could it be that integration will make them global?

4) Communication with robots is growing

We have begun an unstoppable phase in which we will adapt our language so that software can understand it. And that very software will try to mimic a reply which is as close as possible to what a real human being would say. 

Our challenge as professionals and as a company is to identify our potential audience and adapt in a way that the audience visualizes and interacts with information either with live videos, emojis, robots etc.

What opinion do you hold? Do these future technologies improve the way by which we communicate, or will they hamper the relationships between individuals?

Think unimaginable and proceed in a way to make it happen ……

Hasta la vista!

Posted by : Kratika Sharma
It’s obvious that you’ve done a lot of research on this topic Babita, thanks for sharing! Keep exploring.
Posted by : Kratika Sharma
It’s obvious that you’ve done a lot of research on this topic Babita, thanks for sharing! Keep exploring.
Posted by : Babita
Thanks to all :)...will shortly come up with next one ...
Posted by : Alka joshi
Wow very informative article good job
Posted by : Deepak Nautiyal
Technology changing the world.... nice article. Great work!!
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Wow, really superb and informative post. 👌👌 keep it up
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Very informative. Keep posting such articles 👍👍
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Its quite interesting to see how the world is going to absorb latest innovations. Upvote for such an interesting article. Great work..!!

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