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Posted by : Gunjan Sharma
As of now to give you brief idea about shape file in arc GIS; simple steps are as follows: * Open ArcCatalog in GIS software tool. * Navigate to your project folder. * From the menu, click on File>New>Shape file. * Give your shape file a name and select a geometry based on what type of features you are trying to draw. * Use the Edit button to select the coordinate system that you are using in your ArcMap project. * Related Shape File will be created. Thanks
Posted by : ajay kumar kushwaha
ok mam thanks
Posted by : Gunjan
The creation of shape file in arc GIS is related to GIS software tool and it can be explained during explanation of GIS software tool. We will try to explain it in later upcoming parts. Thanks
Posted by : ajay kumar kushwaha
please explain mam, how to create shape file in arc GIS
Posted by : Bhawana Maurya
The information provided under this head is really informative.

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