“Change is the only Constant”

Medhaj News 18 May 17,00:20:43 Lifestyle

I came from a family where change was always an essential part of growing up. Whether it is in terms of Dad’s transfer, school change, making new friends or breaking up with old ones, shifting to new houses to name a few. But with the passage of time, I realised that by nature human beings end up or aspires to stabilise and settles to maintain status quo, in life. Honestly all theories of change affected a lot on one such day Nov 8, 2016. Prime Minister Narender Modi with his remarkable step of demonetisation taught all change management fundas. The fact is that we all are running around our lives just to create more financial capacities and better living, in fact maintaining good quality notes in wallets….and so many weird things gone futile within seconds of announcement. This is change.

All our system of hard cash started converting into electronic mode of payment, bank transactions, purchase, taxi almost everything. The power of money was flown like water into e-mode. Ironically, I had only one Rs 500/- note in my purse. But there were people, who were only hunting for avenues to spend Rs 1000 & 500, before its too late. This is change.

Now, when we got accustomed of converting all our finances from hard form to e-mode, then we realised that few banks have stopped their ATMs. In fact from last few days, a message is flowing on all social media that donot make any electronic payments. Ufffff…..what???? Now this is change.

May be what my school, college, job failed to taught me. BJP did it all. So all my life I was studying theory, this government conducted practical and there is no option but to pass. The change is not only in form of fiscal and monetary policy but every basic need like education, infrastructure, petroleum and gas. So instead of “Kanttappa ne Bahubali ko kyun mara?” the question must what’s next by Pradhanmatri Narender Modi??? Big change. Unlearn, learn and re-learn. Lets wait and watch for the next move.  

Written By - Prof. Shikha Bhardwaj 

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