को ( क्यों )रोना

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आज समय है,संकट का

मौका है ,तु सिमट जा ।

तू ना हे,जेल में

तू ना हे अस्पताल में,

घर में रह कर भी क्यों रोना।

खेल तेरे बच्चों के साथ,

गुफ्तगु कर तेरे हमदम से,

मॉ-बाप की खैरियत तू जान,

उससे पडे ना कभी रोना।

जब समय नहीं था, तो भी

चालूू था तेरा  रोना ।

'आज' जब समय है तो भी

चालू है तेरा रोना ।

देश के लिए, परिवार के लिए

तेरे लिए ,तू घर में ही रुकना।

घर में रह, भीड में ना जा

वरना घर में दस्तक

दे सकता  है .......


plz stay at home स्वरचित (शिखा जैन)




    • Nice one

      Commented by :Nice one
      06-04-2020 13:09:14

    • I want to take a moment to thank you for your spirit, Poem writing and encouragement through this difficult time. Keep writing and spreading positivism.

      Commented by :Naresh Sharma
      06-04-2020 11:48:17

    • Nice lines

      Commented by :Ashutosh
      05-04-2020 15:06:49

    • Nice line

      Commented by :Arman Ali
      05-04-2020 14:32:53

    • Nice, inspirational poem

      Commented by :Ankit Saxena
      04-04-2020 22:52:34

    • Nice lines....This reflects the current scenario well

      Commented by :Bhawana Maurya
      04-04-2020 22:22:24

    • Grt line....This poem will give us courage to stay at home to fight the corona virus.

      Commented by :Vishal Kumar sinha
      04-04-2020 16:49:25

    • Suitable use of lockdown period .......stay home, stay safe great.

      Commented by :Abhinav Gupta
      04-04-2020 11:56:53

    • Motivation like this is utmost required in the trying conditions like this. Stay Home.... stay safe

      Commented by :Niranjan Mishra
      04-04-2020 11:48:57

    • Bahut hi badiya ......... quality use of time.....yes we all should follow the rules of government. That's are for mine.

      Commented by :Jyoti Mala Jain
      04-04-2020 08:22:30

    • Impressive thought on current scenario. Many of them stucked alone in many places. Still there is no other option expect follow proper lockdown and yes make this period life time memorable with your sweet family. Cheers!!!

      Commented by :Prashant Kumar
      04-04-2020 08:18:33

    • Great !! Nice one.very much related to current conditions. Keep it up

      Commented by :Rajendra
      04-04-2020 07:51:25

    • Feel the emotions and Stay at home. Lovely.

      Commented by :Kuldeep Kashyap
      04-04-2020 07:44:06

    • Bahut khoob Likha hai........ Sabhi samjhe iss baat ko..........

      Commented by :Surabhi garg
      03-04-2020 23:30:19

    • Very true and thoughtfully drafted. Hats off

      Commented by :Shashank garg
      03-04-2020 23:08:03

    • Thanks For sharing my poem In medhaj news bloge

      Commented by :Shikha Jai
      03-04-2020 22:41:16

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