Poem - Do you ever Think, know and Understand?

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Don’t You Think, I should be loved?

Don’t You Think, I should be cared?

Don’t You Think, I should be wished on time, not belated?

Don’t You Think, I should be treated like princess?

Do You Know, I am feeling alone?

Do You Know, I don’t want to be someone’s clone?

Do You Know, You are my heartbeat?

Do You Know, I want to spend life with you as it's a God’s gift?

Do You Know, I love you too much?

Do You Know, From you I want a tight hug?

Do You Know, From you I want a kiss on my forehead?

Do You Know, I want to walk with you, not your behind or ahead?

Do You Know, I want to say in loud that You are mine?

"I am your brightness and you are my sunshine."

Why don't you Understand, I just want your few minutes of everyday?

Why don't you Understand, I need your love spray?

But I am sure, You will understand the all above feelings one day,

When I will be in another world and you will miss me everyday.

Still from there also, I will send best wishes for you and say-

"O’ Baby, I Love you and missing you every day"

-----(Copyright@Bhawna Maurya)------

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    • Very nice

      Commented by :G.N.Tripathi
      02-08-2020 16:02:00

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      02-08-2020 10:21:34

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      01-08-2020 23:31:23

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      01-08-2020 21:59:52

    • Very heart touching lines di

      Commented by :Sheetal Singh
      01-08-2020 21:57:07

    • Very nice

      Commented by :Kunal chandra
      01-08-2020 21:42:26

    • Very touchy...

      Commented by :Anchalik
      01-08-2020 21:41:13

    • Very nice......

      Commented by :Deependra Yadav
      01-08-2020 21:37:05

    • Beautiful...

      Commented by :Brijesh Patel
      01-08-2020 21:26:17

    • Just awesome

      Commented by :Arti maurya
      01-08-2020 21:24:47

    • Beautiful...lovely composition

      Commented by :Lokanath Rath
      01-08-2020 21:23:56

    • Fabulous

      Commented by :Santu Kumar singh
      01-08-2020 21:13:58

    • Excellent

      Commented by :BHUPENDRA MAHAYACH
      01-08-2020 21:00:46

    • Very Nice Poem

      Commented by :Roshan Kumar
      01-08-2020 20:58:45

    • Great

      Commented by :Harendra Singh
      01-08-2020 20:54:47

    • Nice line

      Commented by :AJEET Kumar
      01-08-2020 20:45:28

    • Nice poem

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      01-08-2020 20:06:34

    • Very nice poem

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      01-08-2020 20:05:26

    • Super line

      Commented by :Sameer Siddiquee Almora
      01-08-2020 19:59:32

    • Very good poem

      Commented by :Aditya Yadav
      01-08-2020 19:53:47

    • Very nice poem

      Commented by :Md Nazir
      01-08-2020 19:41:50

    • It's heart touching poetry.... appreciable....

      Commented by :Ajay Kumar Azad
      01-08-2020 19:26:47

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